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Drug Dealers to Businessmen Podcast

Feb 9, 2022

Duane talks about how life looks just like a track meet. Some run sprints, some run marathons, and some jump, but all compete. You need to figure out where to...

Dec 1, 2021

Duane speaks on how you can write the script of your life through goals. He goes over his goals for 2022 and how you can develop SMART goals that can change your...

Nov 10, 2020

Duane sits down with a street veteran and friend for over 30 years. Ellis White is from South East San Diego and owner of Autodidact LLC which is a Credit and Financial Agency. Ellis speaks on his experience in the streets, with Cannabis, and ultimately with Credit and finances. He can be found at


Oct 22, 2020

Duane has an in-depth conversation with Co-Founder of the Creative Advertising Agency Concreates which uses a network of current and formerly incarcerated creative minds to excute ad campaigns. Vincent speaks on how to be authentic and not be ashamed of your prison past and so much more. Learn about how therapy and...

Aug 3, 2020

Duane discusses how he has handled perceived disappointment in life, career and education and how he has and currently handles it. If you get stuck when something does not go as expected, then this is the episode for you.